Comic 99 - Not It

2.12.2015 in Gags
Not It
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Milk 2.12.2015 edit delete
I'm going to start a workshop on how to make web comics. It will have guidelines on what has worked in the past and discourage innovative and non traditional tactics for the future. One of the most fundamental rules to succeed in comicing is best summed up in the words of Bo Burnham, "Repeat stuff."


How about three separate thrash cans and every person takes out their own.
If it mutates with radioactive mushrooms, then it will that person's fault.
Rich man can afford three luxury trash cans, hmm? You and you're bouji ways ....
That was just a really roundabout solution :D
Ask Fair Guy for a better one ;)

(who the hell are you food based guest ghost haunting accounts, lmao)
Don't get me wrong--bouji is the way to be. If Fair Guy ain't bouji, Fair Guy ain't fair.

I wish I was more bouji but I can only afford two trashcans.
Milk 3.12.2015 edit delete reply
Trash cans are like cars. The more people who can use a single one, the better off the world will be! Except when they are neglected and start exhibiting signs of sentient life...
Don't say that too loudly in the wrong place, there are still people pining fondly for Knight Rider.
Yes, mechanophiles do still pine for knight rider.
Stever 2.12.2015 edit delete reply
Now you're going to have her grouching around the house. Not that she wouldn't have any way XD

I'm on permanent garbage duty in my house.
Milk 3.12.2015 edit delete reply
You never want to give her justification! Abort! abort!
I love that "rustle, rustle"!
Milk 3.12.2015 edit delete reply
I forgot to include the "stank" sound that it makes too. hahaha
Sophie's nose is best built for having fingers pressed to it. Too bad she's slow on the draw.
Milk 3.12.2015 edit delete reply
Maybe, work with me on this one, her nose was made that way from being too quick to "not it." So much so, that now it angles upward giving her a slight disadvantage against the competition so that... I don't know. I'm just rambing now. I've never had white choco. I have no idea if it's even liquid or solid.

Apparently it's something Japanese people listen to, so I have no idea myself:
You're both working to hard at this. White chocolate chips. The found on the baking aisle. Chug it from a mason jar. Such good. Much keh.
....Well done, you've defeated my joke. I now execute the defeated for its failure by explaining, "A reliable way to pretend to misunderstand something is to web-search it and use the most confusing thing you find to fire back." I guess I wasn't funny enough.
Console yourself. Chug a mug of white choco with me #white_xmas #moustache #besties
Rd Ashes
That reaction is SO Sophie!

It's not called "repeat stuff" it's called pacing!
Milk 3.12.2015 edit delete reply
There's an optimist if I've ever seen one!

Repeating what has worked in the past with minor variations is a pretty popular technique for what passes for 'creativity' nowadays. There are problems with that however. One of them is that you won't be doing anything very memorable. Another is that stepping out of your comfort zone to try new things is how one develops skill, experience and perspective. Something else that should matter to any artist with actual dedication is that if everybody did that there would never have been any art at all, or anything worth copying: There was a first time for everything that has ever worked in human creativity.

On the other hand, Scott McCloud. Yeah, I guess I can see why you don't really want to be too creative very often.
Milk 3.12.2015 edit delete reply
I can always pull a Warhol and do the same image in different color scheme. (But I suppose that won't progress any story.) I think I might be a comic hipster. I did something similar with the walls of text strip. Ironically, of course.
....Now I understand the Jackson Pollock paint-splashes. The real question is if this situation calls for paintball guns or wall-painting equipment.
Matt Knab
Be careful, guys, or something unpleasant may end up in your beds!
Milk 3.12.2015 edit delete reply
What's that squishy sound in your sheets? Oh, it's last weeks leftovers. Lol