Comic 138 - Kelty's Fanfiction [Pg8]

18.12.2016 in Gags
Kelty's Fanfiction [Pg8]
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Milk 18.12.2016 edit delete
Ooooh! Got some practice with a 'scene' in the dark! I've been waiting for the opportunity to do one of these. :D


That IS a nicely done darkness scene. Whoo!!
Milk 21.12.2016 edit delete reply
Thanks Clayton! I thought so too. I especially like the second panel.
MadJak91 19.12.2016 edit delete reply
Nightly fridge raid? :)
Man... I thought those lamps are hotel stuff. Guess not. I should get one for the hipster feeling :/
Also, I know Kelty did it but would Sophie actually read something like Nightlight? Curious :D
Milk 21.12.2016 edit delete reply
Ain't nothing wrong with being hip, Jak! :D Also, some of my characters may surprise you yet. Interests, hobbies, dislikes, etc. You'll see.
You could've darkened the palette a little--blue shifted it a little more maybe--but it certainly worked to convey the notion of an unlit room. It is hard to figure out how blue to make the palette when you've got a blue-haired character in the scene.

Also, what are you doing wearing false-boobs and staring at Sophie like a creeper, Otto? ;)
Milk 21.12.2016 edit delete reply
Yeah, lighting is a tricky mistress. Luckily I'll have plenty of opportunities in the future to find what works.

Also, who is to say they are fake? Otto is naturally stacked. >:0
He is, but those stick out more like a busty woman's rack than muscleboobs. His arm also looks skinnier than normal here, almost like he's been a woman all along wearing some kind of super-advanced cosmetic muscle-suit. If so, damn, he is worth a mint in the right makeup department.
oh, dang, Sophie has the same phone background as me. :P
Milk 28.12.2016 edit delete reply
Now where did she get that from? (=^▽^)σ