Comic 144 - A note to the fans.

8.2.2017 in Extras
A note to the fans.
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Author Notes:

Milk 8.2.2017 edit delete
The new site is here!

So this may blindside some of you, for that I apologize.

Thank you to all my readers who have made it here. Whether you've been following for the last two years or just got here, please understand that I do genuinely feel this is for the best.

I'm using my one-time use reboot card. But don't hesitate to ask me anything!

I'm sorry. I thank you. I appreciate you... More than you could ever know.


Just remember that this card comes one to a pack, and be sure you know what direction you want to go before you release page one.

One idea I had is that you might use this as a repository for ideas that aren't the "main thing" for the reboot, i.e. the really random Random Things...

Good luck on the reboot, though. Seriously! :)
Milk 11.2.2017 edit delete reply
Yes, sir! I know where I want it to go, I just need to fully flesh out how it's going to get there. (Also I want the entirety of it to feel like one solid project.) That being said, I'm going to spend a good chunk of time scripting and writing out the whole story and script.

I am firmly against the reboot cycle. This is going to be my one and only.
Ah well. It is your decision though so do what you feel like doing :D
I usually have a hard time with reboots because I have to get into stuff all over again but good luck to you and I will think about it :)
If you have a better vision then go for that!
Milk 11.2.2017 edit delete reply
I think you'll enjoy the reboot I have planned much more because I won't have excuses to beat around the bush. Any questions you've had so far will be answered. (Though, to be fair, twice as many will probably be raise. XD)
Good luck with your reboot. As someone who is doing quite literally the same thing as you, I know how it feels to make an announcement like this
Milk 11.2.2017 edit delete reply
Thank you! It's definitely an unsettling feeling... I appreciate your support, Mario. :D How is your reboot going, by the way?
It's almost done being written. Since my brother has been the main writer on the project I have to wait for him to be done with it before I start making pages. I'm hoping to start updating again sometime this year. I'm also going to be mirroring it on Name Pending Creations' website
So were doing this.. okay. Cool I can handle! GOOD LUCK :3
Milk 11.2.2017 edit delete reply
We have the technology. We can rebuild it. -0-
NoiV 18.2.2017 edit delete reply
All my favourite comics go through a reboot at some point, so this is only fair.
... Okay, you're only the second one, but I understand.
I, I follow, I follow you~

And congrats for your daughter!! Not sure if that's what you're supposed to say. Maybe "good luck" would work as well. Anyway, go get happiness~~~